The Law Firm of Archer & Foppert, LLP has been helping clients with their estate planning, estate administration and real estate conveyancing needs since 1991. We take pride in our reputation for personalized service. We care, and our client base has grown steadily in those 30 years because they know we care.

Over the last ten years, our office charted a unique course that unifies our estate administration and real estate conveyancing practices. For ten years, we have been developing a network and process by which we can help clients maximize the value and minimize the difficulties associated with the fair and efficient disposition of the tangible personal property held by an estate.  Our team knows how to guide families on the division of an estate’s treasured belongings, capture top value for items that a family does not wish to retain, reduce the volume of items going to a landfill and even to properly dispose of common household hazardous substances. (read more)


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